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Ballroom dance

2012-02-04 13:50

Sivulta http://www.ballroomdancers.com/dances/ sai melko selkeät listat:

International Style (=eurooppalainen kilpatanssi):

Viennese Waltz
Slow Foxtrot
Cha Cha Cha
Paso Doble

American Style:

Viennese Waltz
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing

Lisäksi on mainittu Social & Night Club Dances:

East Coast Swing
West Coast Swing
Lindy Hop

Wikipediasta löytyy vähän seikkaperäisempää tietoa aiheesta:

"Ballroom dance refers to a set of partner dances, which are enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world. Because of its performance and entertainment aspects, ballroom dance is also widely enjoyed on stage, film, and television.

Ballroom dance may refer, at its widest, to almost any type of social dancing as recreation. However, with the emergence of dancesport in modern times, the term has become narrower in scope. It usually refers to the International Standard and International Latin style dances (see dance categories below). These styles were developed in England,[1] and are now regulated by the World Dance Council (WDC). In the United States, two additional variations are popular: American Smooth and American Rhythm.

There are also a number of historical dances, and local or national dances, which may be danced in ballrooms or salons. Sequence dancing, in pairs or other formations, is still a popular style of ballroom dance.[2]"


""Ballroom dance" refers most often to the ten dances of International Ballroom (or Standard) and International Latin, though the term is also often used interchangeably with the five International Ballroom dances.[11] Sequence dancing, which is danced predominantly in the United Kingdom, is also sometimes included as a type of Ballroom dancing."

"Others dances sometimes placed under the umbrella "ballroom dance" include Nightclub Dances such as Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Nightclub Two Step, Hustle, Salsa, and Merengue. The categorization of dances as "ballroom dances" has always been fluid, with new dances or folk dances being added to or removed from the ballroom repertoire from time to time, so no list of subcategories or dances is any more than a description of current practices. There are other dances historically accepted as ballroom dances, and are revived via the Vintage dance movement.

In Europe, Latin Swing dances include Argentine Tango, Mambo, Lindy Hop, Swing Boogie (sometimes also known as Nostalgic Boogie), and Disco Fox. One example of this is the subcategory of Cajun dances that originated in New Orleans, with branches reaching both coasts of the United States."


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