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2006-06-23 0:14

"Olisi mielenkiintoista lukea tällainen testitulos, joka on jopa maalaisjärjen vastainen. Lujaa ajettaessa törmäysenergia on paljon suurempi paikallaan olevaan kohteeseen kuin hiljaa ajettaessa."

Auton keula törmää usein ensiksi hirven korkeisiin jalkoihin ja se ruho kippaa tuulilasista sisään pienemmillä nopeuksilla kun vauhti ei ole tarpeeksi suuri linkoamaan hirveä auton yli. Oikein matalat ja nopeasti liikkuvat urheiluautot sattavat olla turvallisempia hirvikolareissa kuin suuret rekat. Allaolevasta artikkelista poimittua, nopeudet 45 ja 70 mph:

A moose, resembling a somewhat hastily constructed horse with the nose-bag permanently sewn into position and joke antlers, has excessively long legs with the structural integrity of a Twiglet. And when you assault one with a rapidly moving car, the legs offer no resistance to the front bumper whatsoever. The body, meanwhile, passes quickly through the involuntary bonnet mascot stage and immediately thereafter attempts, via the windscreen, to acquire passenger status.

This scenario is ably reconstructed by the test. With a highly satisfying thump, our hawser-intestined 'moose' hits the windscreen square on at 45mph. The Saab rocks violently back on its haunches but, thanks to appropriate moose-proofing (reinforced A-pillars and roof leading edge), the on-board crash-test dummies suffer no more than a brush with an errant sun-visor and a thorough dusting of powdered windscreen.

But there's more to moose than the crash test would have us believe. Eric Carlsson, Saab's oldest living, self-confessed crash-test dummy, rally supremo of the early '60s and still Sweden's favourite son, himself once had a spot of bother with a moose, highlighting one vital ingredient missing from the test. 'Late one evening in 1957, I was driving some friends home, doing about 70mph,' explains Eric, 'and I saw something in mid-air, coming from the bank beside the road. It turned out to be a big bull moose of about 1700lb, and that's more or less the last I could see because it tipped over into the windscreen. Both front tyres exploded, the valves shot out and the windscreen smashed. The moose split open and the cock and balls and all the shit went straight through the car and ended up in the rear window. None of us was hurt,' Eric recalls, 'but we had a whole car full of shit.'