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Kiss & Tango

Marina Palmer's book "Kiss & Tango: Looking for Love in Buenos Aires" (2005) is the story of her personal infatuation with the tango. Her autobiographical writing is honest and frequently humorous. She points out that tango dancing invites close physical contact, which often evolves into feelings of lust. She is quite frank in discussing her experiences in this regard such as wondering "if people realize how difficult it is to dance tango while on the brink of orgasm."

Tango isn't just a dance, it's a grand metaphor for sexual pursuit. The many dance halls of Buenos Aires are open around the calendar and around the clock. Men and women eye each other dancing in crowded, usually poorly lit rooms and use subtle signals to indicate their interest in becoming partners. There are rituals used in going to a woman's table and certain gestures to invite her to dance. When paired off, a couple usually dances a tanda, that is a set of four or five successive tangos. Thus beginning with a nod from the man, signifying his desire for a particular woman, tango continues in a series of moves resembling stylized foreplay. In time, dancers get to know who goes to which dance halls, who are the best dancers and who are regular partners. These change as some dancers disappear for "gigs" in Europe or New York. There is always an atmosphere of temporariness and the possibility of change.

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