Vaihtelua lattareiden rytmitykseen? Näkemyksiä? (Krisse 2005-05-12 11:16)

Vaihtelua lattareiden rytmitykseen? Näkemyksiä?

2005-05-16 11:23

Sitten olisi vielä Guapacha-timing Tässä Ballroom Dancers.com selitys asiasta

(Pronounced Wah-pah-cha) A rhythmic variation commonly used in certain basic Cha Cha actions, including the Basic Step, the Turning Basic, and Time Steps. Guapacha timing is similar to basic Cha Cha timing, with the exception that the step which normally occurs on beat 2 is delayed 1/2 of a beat, causing it to be taken on the "&" count between 2 and 3. Click here to see a special video clip of an isolated basic action taken with Guapacha timing.

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